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McCullough is challenging incumbent Neil Johnson, Jr who first became mayor in 2006 and served on city council since 2002. While she faces a challenging race against the longtime incumbent, we believe Ayuso would bring valuable progressive leadership to the council that would benefit all Lakewood families. In addition, the community must address a legacy of excessive use of force by the police department, which has been sued five times since 2011 just for incidents involving police dogs and has been slow to implement body cameras. In the most recent legislative session, lawmakers passed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5315, which creates a 2% tax on certain insurance premiums. Ensuring big corporations pay their share is an important step toward balancing our state's tax code. One key difference between the candidates is their proposed solution - or lack thereof - to address homelessness. Woodards is the best choice for mayor of Tacoma. There are two good candidates running for Tacoma City Council, Position 5: Anne Artman and Joe Bushnell. @yakima_herald:, Washington families are struggling with education. We recommend Jennifer Butler for Peninsula School Board Director, District 2. Chelan County Clerk. Colombo is also focused on public safety and wants to invest in traffic lights, sidewalk maintenance, and community emergency response teams. McKinney has worked for Boeing and Xfinity and currently works for Washingtons Department of Social and Health Services. We do not have a recommendation for Gig Harbor City Council, Position 7. Daniels' campaign platform includes a holistic response to public health emergencies like COVID-19 by providing financial support to vulnerable families, workers, small businesses, and all others who have been severely impacted. Thank you for your contribution to a more progressive state. Be sure to sign the ballot envelope. In addition, he is more focused on superficial discussions about law enforcement than making meaningful reforms and investments that will actually keep our communities safe. Official Local Voters' Pamphlet. Pew has a progressive vision that includes responsible environmental stewardship, economic development that doesnt leave anyone behind, and a collaborative, efficient, and reliable working port. The Conservative Voter Guide mails a printed card to California voters during the Primary and General Elections. An extremely simple guide to the biggest races in California's June 7 primary. Baldwin is the best choice in this race for Auburn City Council, Position 2. This voter , Permanent link to this article:, has released the 2020 General Election Voter Guide for Lake County FL. Key dates from Pierce County Elections: Oct. 16: Ballots mailed to registered voters. Find your next local election. While we appreciate his support of increasing mental and behavioral health service funding, the rest of his platform skews conservative. Since then, Kastama has spent his time on the council starting a local group which criticizes services provided to the homeless. Beard is a therapist, former social worker, and health care case manager. Closing a tax loophole for insurance companies, Making the prosecuting attorney non-partisan, Port of Tacoma, Port Commissioner, Position #1, Port of Tacoma, Port Commissioner, Position #2, Port of Tacoma, Port Commissioner, Position #4, Puyallup City Council, District #1, Position #2, Puyallup City Council, District #2, Position #2, University Place City Council, Position #1, Peninsula School Board, Director, District #2, Peninsula School Board, Director, District #5, Tacoma School Board, Director, Position #2, Tacoma School Board, Director, Position #3, Tacoma School Board, Director, Position #4, Tacoma School Board, Director, Position #5, University Place School Board, Director, Position #1, No Good Choices - University Place - City Council. Follow.,314681#.Y__WQiTWhKJ.twitter, Key Legislative Democrats say their police pursuit policy (HB 1054 in 2021) saves innocent lives. What about these innocent lives? 360-902-4180. Remember to vote on or before Tuesday, November 2nd. We recommend McCullough for mayor of Bonney Lake because of his Democratic support and his community focus. Great commentary by @JimWalshLD19 on this disturbing bill that will chill public speech and allow the government to police opinions. Select the Primary 2022 election to see all candidates who filed (except PCOs). Other voter guides for Brevard, Indian River, Lee, Martin, Okaloosa, Volusia, and Walton Counties are coming soon. In this low-information race, we lean towards Escobedo who we hope will provide prospective and progress on these and other issues. Message and data rates may apply. If re-elected, Marzano wants to prioritize environmental protections and job creation. Please share this guide with your friends and family! She is the vice president of the Peninsula Schools Education Foundation, a volunteer with the Minter Creek PTA, and was a volunteer chair for Stand Up for Peninsula Schools, which helped pass the 2019 bond for school funding to bring four new elementary schools to Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula. This voter guide covers the Sumter County Sheriff and Sumter County Commissioner races. Don't be a coward. The team that brings you MyNorthwest. He previously ran for city council in 2019 and has expressed support for a radical policy of "gifting" everyone a single "lifetime discretionary abortion." County: Number of offices: . Toggle Menu. Incumbent Jeni Woock has served on the Gig Harbor City Council since 2018. . If you are a candidate for office and would like to be considered for inclusion in the Primary or General Election Voter Guide, please fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you. Look for your ballot October 15 - 19 | 253-798-VOTE (8683) Oct. 26: Online . Please take the time to share this voter guide with your pastor, church, neighbors, friends, and family so that others can vote their values. She has spent 10 years as a pre-school teacher and launched her own program, Vision Step Team, in 2016. Along with his position on the board, Dr. Leon works at MultiCare Tacoma Family Medicine and volunteers as a team physician for Lincoln and Stadium High schools. Nov 1, 2017, 8:39 AM. We recommend Pew for new leadership that will prioritize sustainability at the Port of Tacoma. While Woodards previously supported the proposal to build a highly polluting liquefied natural gas facility in Tacoma because it would have created jobs, she has since emphasized she does not support any new fossil fuel facilities in the Tideflats. Each of these candidates aligns with our mission and vision for electing America First candidates who are committed to upholding our Constitutional rights and draining the swamp! She runs a small business for her counseling services in Gig Harbor. Welcome to the Fuse Progressive Voters Guide to the 2021 general election! . Before that, Meyer served as the deputy director of the Port of Tacoma and the executive director of the Foss Waterway Development Authority. Lykins' candidacy is endorsed by a local Democratic organization. Artman is an exciting leader who has earned strong support from our Progressive Voters Guide partners, as well as progressive elected and community leaders. Phone: (202) 347-9388 / Fax: (202) 347-9389. Now, he is running on a sparse platform that favors business interests and police budget increases. She runs a small business for her counseling services in Gig Harbor. Fortenberry will remain on the 2022 primary ballot despite resigning and being convicted of lying to federal authorities about an . Challenging Colombo is Dennis King, a Puyallup Civil Service Commissioner, real estate agent, and business owner. Outside of council work, Swatman has spent more than three decades at BP working as a systems engineer. Renee Gerber - campaign page Pete Kambelos* - campaign page Nick Kelly* - campaign page Linda Spitzmiller - campaign page Clermont Chamber Candidate Forum: watch here Why it is interesting: Nick Kelly and Pete Kambelos are running for re-election, however, Dr. Kambelos was appointed in 2021 and is seeking his first full term. Amer's opponent in this race is incumbent council member Yolanda Trout. We know that good public schools, beautiful parks, and strong social services make Washington a great place to live. Copyright 2018. McElroy's priorities for the school board include transparency, consideration of all students and parents when making decisions, and increasing accessibility including bringing translators to meetings. Employment specialist Elizabeth Pew is running for Port of Tacoma, Position 2. Joe Colombo is running for Puyallup City Council in District 2 for Position 2. She is also emphasizing social and racial justice and will work for more accountability, transparency, and equitable opportunities for all communities. It's important to note that in 2019, Puyallup spent more money on lawyers and legal settlements defending its laws that criminalize homelessness than distributing money to local nonprofits that serve people experiencing homelessness. Elizabeth Bonbright is running for re-election to Tacoma School Board, Director 5. Updated: 4:59 PM PDT August 5, 2020. We are not making a recommendation in this race. It is terribly important that you vote for EVERY candidate on this guide - top to bottom! He also wants to restructure the local government and minimize its services by rewriting local codes. However, Marzano has not been supportive of protecting our communities from pollution from the proposed LNG facility. Previously a county prosecutor, McCullough works in the King County Public Defense office and devotes his additional time to pro bono legal aid work. Christopher Pierce: 11127 10TH AVENUE CT E APT A103, TACOMA, WA, 98445 - 5/17/2021 5:58:44 PM : Active: In Primary: 8: In this race, McCullough is supported by the county Democrats. Before you vote, make sure you view Florida Votes Values ProLife Voter Guides! Conservative Leaders from all around San Diego County have agreed to develop teams who will research candidates and make recommendations that align with our core values. McCullough believes that the biggest issues facing Bonney Lake are commercial overdevelopment, soaring utilities rates, and traffic congestion, all the result of inefficiently managed growth. Joe Bushnell is a Tacoma Public Utilities board member and Marine Corps veteran. Despite his official party, Kastama chose to vote with Republicans in the Senate, throwing into chaos a budget process where social services, education, and health care funding were on the line. If re-elected, Belle states that she will continue to focus on investing in infrastructure, prioritizing funding for city services, and increasing communications from the council. She would prioritize science-backed climate policy and wants to see ports along the coast working together. Bushnell is a moderate candidate whose orientation toward prioritizing downtown businesses has raised concerns among local labor unions. County elections offices will begin mailing ballots by May 9, 2022. Haverly does not have a detailed campaign platform. Resources. For information about some school board elections, click the link below. Published: 2:46 PM EDT May 7, 2022. Brown has been a strong advocate for workers and supports increasing wages in Washington. Visit the 2020 Sumter County Primary Election Voter Guide Page todownload the Sumter County Voter , Permanent link to this article:, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window),,,,,,,,,,, Indian River County Current Voter Guide Link. Blucher is a good choice for Tacoma City Council, Position 2 if you are looking for a progressive advocate with a proven track record of making change. According to his candidate statement, he wants to see less development in the city and more historical preservation, but he does not have any concrete policy proposals or wider campaign plans available as of mid-October. In this race, Adeleke is prioritizing equity, representation, and accessibility for all residents. He is running on a platform that focuses on addressing homelessness and creating jobs. Roger Henderson is a member of the Gig Harbor Parks Commission and a former civil engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. What It Means to be a NW Republican. Your ballot and local election information are based on where you live. Both have earned endorsements from our progressive partners. Please take the time to share this voter guide with your pastor, church, neighbors, friends, and family so that others can vote their , Permanent link to this article:, Have you ever wanted to change the course of history? Incumbent commissioner Eric Hansen is running for re-election to Position 1 on the Tacoma Civil Service Commission. She has earned progressive and Democratic support in this race., Pierce County Council District 5 The candidates highlighted in YELLOW are our CLW-Endorsed Candidates. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Pierce GOP Cash bar Text RSVP please to: 772-200-3470 or email Her candidacy is largely based on opposing the age-appropriate sex-education programs adopted by Washington state voters last year. She is the founder and executive director of the Tacoma Recovery Center and previously served as the program manager of the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center. If Harem wins, the city council would appoint a replacement council member, who would likely be more progressive than Kastama given the makeup of the council. Belle's opponent is Ria Covington Johnson, who previously ran for Lakewood City Council in 2017 and 2019. Brenda Lykins is a nurse practitioner and founder of the Southwest Washington Perinatal Education Consortium. Please select one of the following to talk to elected officials and staff, or to report problems in our community. Privacy Policy You are viewing content from a election before 2022 redistricting. Statewide Ballot Measures . 2022 Election Picks. Sign the Petition to Accurately Count Votes. Voters are already voting by mail, so it is critical to share this voter guide today! Voting Deadlines. Address: PO Box 4897,Seattle, WA 98194. We need leaders who will follow science and public health recommendations to keep our kids safe. The Political Climate in Snohomish, WA is Somewhat liberal. has released the 2020 General Election Voter Guide for Saint Lucie County FL. Learn more about voting in person. November 8, 2022 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Her opponent is Linda Ader, who states that she is a former environmental consultant. Following the 2020 presidential election, 72.5% of Washingtonians lived in one of the state's 11 Solid Democratic counties, which voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election from 2012 to 2020, and 22.3% lived in one of 22 Solid Republican counties., If you want election integrity Brad Klippert is your choice! Statewide Ballot Measures Advisory Vote #39: VOTE . There are two qualified candidates running for Port of Tacoma, Position 2: Elizabeth Pew and Dick Marzano. While he claims to be nonpartisan, what little campaign information he does have available demonstrates his priorities would not align with what Tacoma's communities need as we come together to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Rumbaugh wants to tackle challenges like air and water pollution and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels without impacting the local economy or jobs in the area. . Kiara Daniels is running for Tacoma City Council, Position 6. Enrique Leon is running for re-election to Tacoma School Board, Director Position 2. She cites the still-open civil case of Said Joquin, who was killed by a Lakewood police officer, as an example of the dangers of not holding officers to account. Former Naval officer and architect Jennifer Butler is running for school board to help the district, students, and families recover from COVID and thrive. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Lawyer Michael McCullough is running for mayor of Bonney Lake. He is a station manager at KGHP who also volunteers as a club advisor at Peninsula High School. The Future of Environmentalism Video Project. On her campaign Facebook, she has posted in support of removing Sheriff Ed Troyer for his racist and potentially criminal endangerment of a Black man in Pierce County, as well as in support of justice for those killed by the police. has released the 2020 General Election Voter Guide in five counties, and more will be available soon! California 's June 7 . Find out more . Anne Artman is running for Tacoma City Council, Position 5. We have links to the prolife candidates that have been endorsed by Personhood FL ProLife PAC, and we have links to the iVoter Guide that covers state and federal , Permanent link to this article:, has released the 2020 General Election Voter Guide for Marion County FL. 267 were here. Woodards supports working families and is committed to maintaining safe and healthy neighborhoods across Tacoma. This legislative session, Democratic lawmakers wrote and passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5096, which created a 7% capital gains tax on the sale of assets like stocks valued above $250,000. Washingtonians deserve an economy that works for us all. Please take the time to share this voter guide with your pastor, church, neighbors, friends, and family so that others can vote their values. Pierce County? Pew serves the community as a legislative district caucus delegate, a precinct committee officer, and a member of the Tacoma Arts Commission. Your Pierce County Republican Party in Washington State - Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Republican for Freedom, Liberty, Growth-Opportunity-Prosperity. Voters are already voting by mail, so it is critical to share this voter guide today! Previously a county prosecutor, McCullough works in the King County Public Defense office and devotes his additional time to pro bono legal aid work. Election Day is Tuesday, March 1, and early voting for the primaries runs from Monday, Feb. 14, through Friday, Feb. 25. Incumbent Javier Figueroa is running unopposed for re-election to Position 1 on the University Place City Council. Anderson served on the Tacoma City Council before running for county auditor in 2009 and winning re-election three times. Washington State Election System Security | Pierce County Election Security | Pierce County Voter Resources. He states that if elected, he will aim for sustainable growth and to improve community walkability and accessibility to shopping, parks, and more. He works as a clinical data analyst in health care, though he has not listed either community service or leadership in the local voters' pamphlet. piercecountyrepublicanparty. This voter guide covers the school board, superintendent of schools, clerk of court, sheriff, tax collector, andcounty commission races. All active registered voters should receive a mail ballot by June 7, 2022, the day of the primary election. Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Republican VOTE Republican , HB 1333 is a clear and present danger to our constitutional rights. Voting Tips. ATLANTA It's Georgia's 2022 Primary Day Election Day. There are two qualified candidates in this race: Sarah Rumbaugh and Kelly Blucher. Skansi's official voters' guide statement says that he is running to bring more local control to the community and smarter economic development, though he doesn't elaborate on what that entails. We recommend Pewfor new progressive leadership at the Port of Tacoma. 226 following. Bob Walter is an Eatonville Town Council member who has a track record of supporting animal rights issues since joining in 2014.

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